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If you want to hear how good Australian Jazz has become give a listen to TURNING POINT, the latest cd by Jason Bruer’s HAMMERHEAD, an exceptional recording that ticks all the right boxes.

Mike Nock


  • 25/02/20 Hammerhead in Sydney at Foundry 616
  • 04/03/20 Soul Roots Revival Band in Sydney at The Soda Factory
  • 07/03/20 The Aretha Franklin Songbook in Sydney at The Bankstown Sports Club
  • 11/03/20 Hammerhead in Marrickville, NSW at Lazybones
  • 21/03/20 Dancing in The Shadows of Motown in Sydney at The Bankstown Sports Club

Also the official site for 2 of Sydney’s most popular bands:


Soul Roots Revival Band


Hammerhead……creates and presents its music with fire, freshness and a loving knowledge of where it has come from…….Hammerhead is a band that approaches its music with passion, generosity and imagination.


Soul Roots Revival Band

Featuring rising star vocalists Emily Hanks and Josue Vilches, Jason Bruer brings together an all star, hand picked 8 piece band paying homage to the great Soul and Roots Artists of our time.

Latest release

Turning Point

New album


The Hammerhead shark is known for its sensory qualities, and is harmless to humans. What better name for an Australian jazz group? Saxophonist Jason Bruer’s exceedingly clever arrangements of his ten compositions creatively upgrade and vary the conventional theme-solos-theme format. He makes good use of the brilliant pianist Greg Coffin, whose solos and incursions are one of the album’s many strengths. In Blues For Jonesy, Coffin is good enough to encapsulate the essence of the funk/blues genre in a brief solo. An outstanding rhythm section is completed by Brendan Clarke (double bass) and Alex Hirlian (drums). Other than Bruer, Hammerhead’s front-line includes Andrew Robertson (alto sax/flute), and alternating trumpeters Cam McAllister and Simon Ferenci, all consummate professionals. Turning Point recalls the great days of hard-bop, but has enough contemporary influences to locate the music in the present.

Eric Meyers



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