12 Aug

10,000 Hours? You must be joking!!

So they say ( who ever they are? ) that all one needs to do to become an expert at something or I have even heard a master at something is to put in 10, 000 hours training, study or practice.
When applying this theory, and lets face it, it is only a theory to my own experience as a musician I find it barely credible..
Whilst 10,000 hours practice as a musician is both daunting and seemingly a life of work for some, to reflect on my own journey I have come to the conclusion that it is the bench mark for mediocrity only and to truly master ones instrument, unattainable for most of us is reserved for the extremely gifted and even then takes so much more than the ‘10, 000 hours’
When I began playing the saxophone I was nearly 19.. This is comparatively late for most but whilst I possessed very little natural talent I made up for that to some degree by being both extremely motivated and bloody minded. My aim ( you like the pun? ) was to get good enough to get into the Adelaide Conservatory Of Music as a mature age student.. I calculated if I practiced 8/9 hours a day it was probably achievable in 3 years. So by the time I auditioned for a BMus I had probably practiced for 10, 000 hours.. I got into the course and felt I was proficient at best.
So if you aspire to mediocrity , then all you need to do is practice for 10, 000 hours. If not you better get cracking and don’t waste time.
I hope this blog helps puts into context the enormity of the task of being a musician and attaining something more than proficiency.

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